Our company, which is based in the Czech Republic, is interested in buying of breeding cattle and other livestock.

We make payments on selection and transport to the Czech Republic using our own vehicles.


The price for each species discussed individually.

We are interested in:

- Heifers at the age of 7 months and older rocks of Hereford, Angus.

- Goats aged 4 - 7 months breeds Boer, Anglo Nubian, Zaanenskaya.

- Sheep aged 4 - 7 months Dorper breeds, Texel, East Friesian.



In the last 20 years the population of meat livestock in the Czech Republic has increased from 2000 to 250 000 animals. This increase has been made possible after completing of an extensive selection project involving the local livestock breeds.

The Czech Republic annually produces meat breeds of cattle for slaughter in amount of 180 000 with the bulls weighting 750 kg and over at the age of 18 months.

50 000 of slaughter animals is being reared specifically for our company. Therefore, we are capable of continual supply of the highest quality slaughter livestock. Our company performs the slaughter in accordance with the Sharia law (Halal meat) and produces 20 kinds of premium-class beef and lamb. The best pieces are left to mature for 4-7 weeks for 15 various kinds of steaks. We supply brood dairy and meat cattle in different countries. The current amount of the dairy cattle counts 355 000 animals, out of which the dairy and meat Simmental breed makes 185 000. By the means of the selection work among the Simmental breed which has been carried out during the past 11 years, the average milk yield per lactation period had been increased from 4500 to 7800 kg. 15% of the breed have remarkable milk yield of 10 000 kg and over per lactation period. The average milk yield of the Holstein-Friesian breed makes 9 700 liters. Our company collaborates with the manufacturing farmers in the sphere of brood cattle in Czech Republic, Germany, France, Denmark and other European countries The ULUS s. r. o. is a manufacturer of the elite Aberdeen-Angus breed. As far as the quality, delivery times and opportunity of small lots supply are concerned, the European brood cattle is the best choice both for a minor farming business and for a large agricultural farming enterprise. The experienced and highly skilled team of our specialists will always readily provide you with a guidance and give advice regarding any questions arising at the time of the cattle selection and consequently after the delivery and arrival of the animals at the destination. We provide all-inclusive service, from recommendations of farm building, cattle keeping up to a range of additional services such as education, consultation and information support. We help overcome all cattle-bound challenges.