The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed

Differential characteristics of the breed

• Steady temper.

• High daily weight gain and growth.

• Tolerant to long-duration walking trips.

• Easy calving.

• Suitable for grazing in large areas and is well fed on pasture feed.

• Easily adapts to any climatic conditions.

• Long life span.


Average index of our livestock efficiency

Index Bulls Cows
Birth weight (kg) 40-50 37-41
Mature animal weight (kg) 1100-1300 850-950
Weight gain (gram/day) 1300-1500 1200-1400
Age at the first calving (months) - 32


The carcass is of an excellent structure and remarkably high percentage of the slaughter yield: 65-70%. The meat content in the carcass is 75%.

The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed is highly valued for its remarkable content percentage of the clean and quickly cooked meat which secures cost-effectiveness in the sale of carcasses.

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