The Charolais beef breed

Differential characteristics of the breed

• One of the largest meat (beef) breeds.

• Breeding bulls are used effectively up to the age of 15 years, cows - up to 13-14.

• High percentage of twin calving.

• Bull-calves need 163 days for increasing the weight up to 210 kg.

• Superior gaining weight abilities.

• Animals are good-natured.

• Satisfactory adaptation abilities to various climatic conditions.


Average index of our livestock efficiency

Index Bulls Cows
Birth weight (kg) 36-44 32-37
Mature animal weight (kg) 1000-1400 700-950
Weight gain (gram/day) 1300-1500 1000-1200
Age at the first calving (months) - 33-36


Young stock output equals 102% to 100 dams. 7-8 month old calves’ live body weight reaches 260-300 kg. The young stock differs from the other breeds by its extraordinary ability to a long-standing and intensive growth and muscle build-up without significant fat accretion.

As opposed to the other beef breeds that produce fat depositions during the battening, the Charolais breed mainly develops muscle tissue. Average slaughter yield makes 65-66%. The meat content in the carcasses is 80-81% and the bone to meat ratio is 1:6 (kg). These are truly excellent indexes, describing the breed quality. Furthermore, the meat’s fat content is 8-11% and protein – 19-20%. The meat is characterized by superior tasting qualities. The Charolais produce supreme marbled and lean beef.

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