The Piemontese breed

Differential characteristics of the breed

• Early insemination of the heifers.

• Easy calving.

• High slaughter yield value and minimal fat percentage.

• Quickly maturing breed with a long life span.

• Adapts well to various climatic conditions.

• The breed is not feed-picky.


Average index of our livestock efficiency

Index Bulls Cows
Birth weight (kg) 38-42 35-40
Mature animal weight (kg) 950-1150 650-750
Weight gain (gram/day) 1000-1300 900-1200
Age at the first calving (months) - 24-27


The meat is characterized by low cholesterol, juiciness and a little bone content. Intensive battening stimulates positive weight gain. On the contrary, the extensive rearing produces good slaughter yield results and excellent quality beef.

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