The Simmental beef breed

Differential characteristics of the breed

• Supreme slaughter yield and excellent first-rate carcasses.

• Bull-calves need 154 days for increasing the weight up to 210 kg.

• Regular pregnancy.

• Easy kept herd.

• The lowest content of somatic cells.

• Satisfactory adaptation abilities to various climatic conditions.


Average index of our livestock efficiency

Index Bulls Cows
Birth weight (kg) 36-45 30-32
Mature animal weight (kg) 900-1400 750-900
Weight gain (gram/day) 1300-1800 1100-1350
Age at the first calving (months) - 28-30


Livestock farms with extensive rearing are known to produce the Simmental breed that differs from the others by its high quality milk and beef.

Young bull-calves are famed in particular for their intensive growth and ability of weight gaining, up to 1 300 gram per day and more. The weight of the bull-calves at the age of 18 months reaches 720-800 kg, with slaughter yield of 58% and 1:4,6 ratio of bones to meat (kg). Meat is of a high quality.

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