The Holstein dairy breed

Differential characteristics of the breed

• The largest-sized cattle among the dairy breeds.

• Take up very large amounts of rough feeds.

• High percentage of lean meat.

• The highest levels of milk yield.

• High daily average growth.

• Quick growth.

• Early maturation.

• Adapts well to various climatic conditions.


Average index of our livestock efficiency

Index Bulls Cows
Birth weight (kg) 40-42 37-39
Mature animal weight (kg) 1100-1300 650-750
Weight gain (gram/day) 1100-1300 750-1000
Age at the first calving (months) - 23-25


The Holsteins best of all respond to the requirements of the large modern dairy farms. This dairy breed has the best genetic predisposition to high milk productivity and that is over 10000 kg per lactation period with the highest milk yield noted among the first-calf heifers with the following regular productivity during many other lactation periods. However in comparison with the other dairy breeds the Holsteins are more fastidious in respect of herd care and feed.

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